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Hello everyone,

To answer the questions of some relative to the operation of the application, I think it is important to meet you all.

Who are we ?

We are a couple of 38 years. I had the idea of applying to my difficulty in finding French booktubers via youtube. That’s where I got the idea of the application. My husband is an Enterprise Architect “IT” and he was kind enough to set me the application. I manage the application and I take care of the referrals on my free time. The literary world is important for us.

Why English and Spanish?

Among french, we have a lot of original or foreign language readers. Many are also bilingual (English or Spanish). I had also demands foreign booktubers to be reference in the application. So we decided to integrate the choice of English and Spanish. We will see later the Japanese and other languages.

The Booktubers application : How it work?

The application uses the tools provided by Google to Youtube. We have uploaded videos of newsfeed over a period of 3 days. From the moment you are in our database and you post a video, it will show up directly in our application. All users worldwide will see your video even non-subscribers. Your visibility will be higher and you will gain new subscribers and views on the video. Whether you have 300,000 subscribers or 10 subscribers, your video will be present in the news feed videos. No one can miss your video.

All users see your video instantly or it is posted for a period of 3 days.

It’s the same thing for literary blogs. The articles you post will be automatically in the news feed and up a period of 3 days.

List of Booktubers searchable by genre and by country:

You all have a booktubers profile on your videos and in the list of all booktubers by language. You are currently 113 in the English list.

On your profile you have, direct links to your social network skills as your youtube channel, twitter, facebook, tumblr … and a description of your channel. We offer the opportunity to share your video and subscribe to your channel, all around the world without IP adress restriction or limited.

Make money on your video?

The views and subscriptions are yours and recorded by Youtube and Youtube for you. The statistics will be on Youtube and not for our application. The « Booktubers » application is a window to your video / blog / channel. So the money of your video/Article via our application does not change anything for you. It’s yours. Eventually, you will have more views since everyone will see your video in any country without research from the user / reader.

You earn money?

We do not make money on the application or on your videos. We wanted to help people like me who spent a lot of time looking for booktubes. We help the community booktubers as we can with our resources. The payment server, competitions, the necessary equipment has been made on our own money. The application “Booktubers” is Free and asking to be refer in is free too. Only one obligation, having a literary channel, a literary blog…, be a publisher or author to be in the application.

Why Android and Apple are not identical?

As I said, we works on the application on our free time. We are the parents of three children and we have our jobs to live so we don’t have a lot of time to works on “Booktubers”. We try to do our best and we will update the app on Android as soon as possible to integrate publishers and authors.

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